PIPaL: JISC BCE at Loughborough

4. Current and Potential Impact

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Our stakeholder group identified the following key points:

  • Academics are the key to new partner relationships but the pressure of their roles leaves little time for on-going relationship development or account management
  • The University is very effective in developing specifically targeted relationships
  • For research and consultancy it is the academic who is contacted in an estimated 95% of enquiries
  • In what is a competitive situation a more consistent and simple contact procedure would improve the partner experience
  • Information and the relationship is retained by the academic with further and duplicate information built up in other departmental touch points
  • Enterprise could help with these opportunities if they were aware of them and involved at the right stage
  • Existing partners represent a pipeline of prospects/ opportunities that are not currently exploited
  • Enterprise may be able to leverage new research contacts and opportunities
  • Major companies often need/want a wide range of services. The combined relationship value of Enterprise and Academics is more powerful and could be successfully deployed if Enterprise had an greater awareness of current partners and their existing relationships with for example Academics

The group concluded that it was necessary to conduct a feasibility study profiling the extent of the University’s involvement with key partners from several groups including the private sector, central government, charities / non-governmental organizations and other educational institutions.

The results of the feasibility study will be used to inform a decision as to whether to request funding for a full scale relationship management system.  They will also help to clarify what the scope of such a system should be, i.e. University-wide, or for the use primarily of external facing units.


Written by Martin Hamilton

September 4, 2010 at 8:57 am

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